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Water is life!! Smartno school

Self-watering plants in Smartno

Potatoes planting in Smartno

A smart experience in Smartno school

In light of forthcoming Climate Change day we are remembering a virtual lecture on climate change by Lučka Kajfež Bogataj, PhD, a leading Slovenian climatologist who was invited at the joint initiative of the Erasmus + project teams of our school. She presented the consequences of climate change and pointed out the challenges ahead. Her answer to the question posed by 9th grade student of our school, namely which of her achievements in the fight against climate change she is most proud of, surprised us: “Caring for your garden and food self-sufficiency,” thus confirming the importance of our Erasmus + School Gardens for Future Citizens activities. The lecture was among others also attended by our project teams from Portugal and Spain, and our ninth-graders prepared a summary and presented it to the students of our project partner La Purisima College in Valencia.

Agrupamento de Escolas de Paredes presents its seed nursery in a school Greenhouse

The 4th primary school in PrevezaFebruary 2021

These products represent  local grown products or products that are part of our traditional  Greek recipes. Our area enjoys mild winters and not extremely hot summers, due to the sea breeze. The same crops can differ in the harvest period throughout Greece depending on the  macro- and micro-climatic conditions.

Smartno garden – November 2020

At Osnovna šola Šmartno pod Šmarno goro (Ljubljana, Slovenia) we are trying to do as much learning outdoors as possible. Luckily, we have Erasmus+ garden which allows us to learn outside, think outside the box and enjoy in interesting activities while “flipping” the classroom. We have already done the seeding in our raised school Erasmus+ project garden/ greenhouse. So at the moment we are really making use of the last suitable autumn weather days for planting before winter. We are watering, observing the growth of plants, making measurements. We have also made simple rainwater collectors & rain gauges from recycled plastic. More engaging activities are under way!

Linguistic tandem – October 2020 

La Purísima and Smarnto students collaboratively participate in TANDEMS conducted in English. Students prepare a reflection on a topic of interest and share their opinions by video chat communicating Valencia and Ljubljana.


Preveza School – Spring 2020 

Take a look at these beautiful videos:


Smarto School – Spring 2020

HEALTH slogans to start the course!!


February 2020 – New blog in Smartno about eSGarden:

January 2020 – Linguistic Interchange via Skype meetings – Collaborative Tandems 

La Purísima school in Valencia and Smartno school in Ljubljana carried out several linguistic interchanges via skype and some collaborative activities in eTwinning platform:

November 2019 – Smartno Primary School – Ljubljana – Slovenia

Students garden area sketches:

November 2019 –  La Purisima“an integral change”

El compromiso del centro con el cuidado del medioambiente, la inclusión y el fomento de la tecnología se refleja también en proyectos europeos en los que participa, como el proyecto Erasmus+ KA201 eSGarden: School Gardens for Future Citizens, proyecto coordinado por la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia en el que participan también la Fundación Cajamar y otras cinco instituciones educativas europeas.
La opción del centro por la inclusión y el aprendizaje de lenguas es el germen del proyecto Erasmus+ KA1 Inclusion and Languages=Equal Opportunities for All. Gracias a este proyecto, nuestros docentes están mejorando en que se atiende al alumnado con necesidades especiales de atención educativa e integran la metodología CLIL y las TIC a través de cursos y periodos de observación en centros educativos europeos.

October 2019 – Smartno Primary School – Ljubljana – Slovenia

Preparing the school for our visit:

La Purísima Hna. Franciscanas visited during a short mobility to Smartno students:

October 2019 – Smartno Primary School – Ljubljana – Slovenia

Alenka dream garden:

October 2019 – La Purísima hnas. Franciscanas – Valencia – Spain

eSGarden LOGO!

Osnovna sola Smartno pod Smarno goro decided its eSGarden project logo!

and the winner:








4th Primary School of Preveza – Greece – decided its logo too!!

and the winner:

The third one! La Purísima Hrnas. Franciscanas – Valencia – Spain

And AVEP in Portugal! Agrupamento d’Escolas de Paredes – Porto- Portugal